Nail Services

a nail salon with two white chairs and a lamp

Unisex manicure, pedicure, nail and toe enhancement services.

Our services are designed with your senses in mind:

a row of colorful nail polish bottles on a counter
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In order to maintain an odorless environment, we refrain from utilizing strong odored products like acrylic.

We have the ability to provide your desired nail styles and structure utilizing traditional lacquers and gel products.

Our air is purified with the latest HEPA technology.

Visual (sight):

a white nail chair in a nail salon

From our color selection of

the top polish brands,

to our most comfortable, luxury equipment;

you are sure to have the aesthetic

that looks as good as it feels!

Listen up! Your nail tech will always give you the tips and tricks needed to keep healthy hands, feet, and nail beds.

We will answer any questions about our products and services.

Expect the coolest,

calmest, cultured tracks to

soundtrack your experience.

We promise to keep the

“Flavor in your ears”

Auditory (hearing)

a woman in a salon with a blue ring on her finger

Gustatory (Taste)

a sign that says wine or water, same thing

Enjoy a complementary beverage

of choice with every service.

With a selection from

the wine of the day, bottled water, tea and other seasonal beverages.

We care about the

way you feel, literally!

This means, we refuse to

dilute our products with acetone

or other chemicals.

Our gel products are carefully selected to have long lasting effects;

minus the peeling and chipping.

Utilizing the purest ingredients,

each nail service includes exfoliation and oils.

Our nail implements and salon surfaces are routinely sanitized

after each client.

Feel Clean!

Tactile: (Touch)

a young woman crouching on the steps of a building